Most Garden Offices don’t require planning permission. Cotsmill Garden Offices are designed for maximum visual appeal and the Avant Garde and Contemporary models come in a planning friendly height and there usually isn't any difficulty in obtaining permission..

Planning permission is not about the size of a garden building, it is about the location and its intended use. For example you are likely to need planning permission if you wish to site your garden studio at the side rather than the rear of your property, if you live in a conservation area, the house is listed or you are in a area of outstanding natural beauty as defined by your council. In addition a 5m/16'5" distance from the main house is usually required and a reasonable space from your neighbours boundary. If you have any basic planning permission questions you can visit the Government's Planning Portal. For more comprehensive and specific information on outbuildings see the Government's Outbuilding projects website which includes a useful downloadable mini guide. 

Please feel free to contact us to ask questions about planning permission or if you need assistance in obtaining permission. We offer a full planning permission service if you require planning permission and would rather not manage this yourself. 



It is essential that your building is erected on to an adequate base. It must be square, level and firm, therefore eliminating the risk of problems with your building due to poor foundations. We recommend concrete, or paving slabs built on a hardcore base. We recommend a concrete thickness of around 4"/10cm.


We can on request supply a pad foundation system for sloping gardens or where a concrete or paving slab base are not suitable or wanted. Minimum groundworks are required for this system.  


If you require a base to be made we can do this for you at an additional charge or alternatively you can do-it-yourself or commission a local tradesman.